Shipping Speed for your DM1 Wallet order

October 10, 2016 2 min read

We get a lot of questions asking how long it will take for orders to ship.

Generally, for in-stock items, we are shipping within 1 business day - in the case that an order comes in late (after our shipment deadline), 2 business days at most. If your order includes an engraved item, it could add between 1-3 business days depending on how many items we have in our engraving queue.

By default, shipping to US destinations is via USPS Priority Mail. They quote delivery to all US destinations in 2-3 business days. We also offer USPS Express mail - with quoted delivery times 1-2 business days (overnight to most destinations, 2 days if delivery is farther from a USPS air hub city). FedEx delivery is also an option - delivery to all US destinations is overnight with delivery by your local FedEx standard afternoon delivery time.

International deliveries are somewhat difficult to predict due to USPS shipping time, your destination country customs processing and your local post delivery time. Speaking VERY GENERALLY - packages to Western Europe are delivered within 5-14 days. Eastern Europe within 7-21 days. Australia / New Zealand 7-14 days. East Asia - Korea/Japan 5-14 days - China / HK / Singapore 7-14 days. Rest of Asia 14-21 days. Africa / Middle East 14-35 days. Please note that all packages are shipped with insurance - but we are not allowed to file loss claims until 45 calendar days after the order has shipped. So, if you do not receive your package within 45 calendar days, please let us know - we will ask you to complete a loss affidavit, then we will file a loss claim and immediately ship a replacement. We'll work with the insurance company / USPS after the claim is filed.

International FedEx is by far the fastest and most reliable method of shipping - packages to most destinations arrive 2-5 days after shipment. But it can be expensive... So we offer flat rate FedEx shipping - if you can get together with your friends and order together, you will save significantly on shipping charges.

Thanks for your support!