Ordering and Shipping

A: If ordered by 1:00 PM US Pacific Time, we ship most non-personalized orders same day. Personalized orders usually ship within 1-2 business days, but we try to engrave and ship them out same day whenever possible.

A: We can to over 200 countries. In fact, we've shipped DM1 Wallets to all 7 continents, including Antarctica! If UPS or USPS can ship there, so can we. There are a few international destinations that have high shipping costs - that will be reflected in your shopping cart before you check out. We can not ship to any countries currently embargoed by the United States Department of State.

A: We make this one easy - we accept most major credit cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo and even Bitcoin and Ethereum!

A: If your new DM1 Wallet doesn't meet your needs or expectations, please contact us: help@decadentminimalist.com

We want you to be happy! So we try to be pretty reasonable about returns and exchanges - as long as the item is returned in like-new condition in a timely manner.

Please also see our return / exchange policy for details:

Refund Policy

Product Specifications

A: This is entirely a matter of personal preference and can sometimes be difficult to answer. Our Aluminum models are generally lighter than the Titanium models of the same size. All the Titanium finish options are more scratch resistant than any of the Aluminum models and will better resist dings and dents when dropped.

A: Unfortunately, there isn't a universal answer. Generally speaking, the Hard Anodized finish (Black or Gunmetal) is very scratch resistant - but the TFC coatings better resist dropping. In case you're wondering, the TFC coating is very similar to Cerakote®, but we use a proprietary alternative.

A: This is mostly a decision of personal preference. But most people are asking about scratch resistance. The Ti Black coating is a CVD DLC (chemical vapor deposition / diamond like coating) that is applied in a vacuum chamber. Carbon is electrically sputtered onto the Titanium surface in a nano-thin beautiful dark gray layer that provides excellent wear resistance. It is our most scratch resistant surface finish - however, because the base Titanium metal under the coating is bright silver, if you do scratch through the coating it will be visible. The Ti Stonewashed surface is an accelerated aging process - so the Ti Brushed surface will eventually end up looking like the Ti Stonewashed finish - but it will take many years to get there. Both are scratch resistant due to the inherent toughness of Titanium - but the pre-distressed Stonewashed finish does a really good job of hiding new wear.

A: All sizes - even the 12-card models - will securely hold even a single card. But the DM1 Wallet is intended to be used at least half full. If you have fewer than 6 cards in the 12-card models, you might hear the cards rattling around inside the DM1 - but they won't fall out. When we say 8-cards - you generally will not be able to put 9-cards in that model. In some rare combination of cards (e.g. more than half of your cards have raised numbers), you may need to carry one fewer cards than capacity.

If you choose to add a DMC Money Clip to your DM1 Wallet, remember that it too takes the place of one card.

A: Personalization is the ultimate personal choice - so it's really difficult to help you answer this one! We can say that our most common engravings are Name + Email Address or Name + Phone Number. There are many notable quotes that customers engrave frequently - including biblical verses, famous quotes and even one particularly appropriate phrase from the film Pulp Fiction!

Using Your DM1 Wallet

A: We strongly suggest NOT carrying ANYTHING in your back pocket! That's why the DM1 was invented - to prevent you from sitting on a 2" thick pile of leather and plastic. It's bad for your back to sit lopsided like that for hours at a time. That said - you can carry it however you want - it's your wallet! We do strongly advise NOT to carry the DM1 Wallet (or anything else, really) in the same pocket as your mobile phone. Metal -vs- Glass - I don't think the glass will win...

A: Be sure to insert cards "flat" or parallel with the axis of the wallet. You can insert one corner first, then use the opposite corner to "open" the arms and get the cards inserted. Once the first card is inserted you can press the next card flat against the previous card and use it as a guide. You can also partially remove one or more cards to hold the arms open - this can make it much easier to insert the next card - then push the entire stack inward together until you hear the click. You will eventually get comfortable with this motion and it will be second nature.

You can also watch this video that gives our favorite tips and techniques:


A: We've found 2 methods that are pretty easy for most people.

- You can squeeze the entire stack of cards with your right thumb and index finger and lightly hold the DM1 Wallet on the short side. Pull the stack out 1/2" - 1" past the detents on the tips of the arm - just far enough to fan the cards and find the one you're looking for, then push that card out fully. 

- Or - Hold the the DM1 Wallet so you can use your thumb to push out just the top card in the DM1 Wallet. You only need to push the card 1/2" - 1" past the tip. Then you can easily fan out the cards underneath the top card and push out the card you need.

Whatever technique you develop, keep in mind that the first card is always the hardest to insert - once the first card is inserted, it's much easier to insert additional cards using the first card as a guide. So it helps to not pull all the cards fully out of the wallet. Also, make sure you're not squeezing the arms together when inserting / removing cards. That can make it very difficult for the cards to push past the detents at the tips.

A: Frankly, most people don't even have a RFID / NFC enabled credit card in their wallet. The hype is so overblown by people trying to sell you an ugly metal can to carry your cards. But, every day banks are sending out more and more of these cards - and they can be vulnerable. Our DM1 Wallet was specifically designed NOT to block RFID so you could put your work ID, building key card or car RFID key in your DM1 Wallet and be able to use the card without fuss.

However, we do offer a Carbon Fiber RFID Shield / Privacy Card in our accessories store. The Carbon Fiber RFID Shield is ingeniously designed to allow 120 KHz signals to pass through - these frequencies are used in most key / access systems. But, our shield very effectively blocks 13 MHz signals - which are used in NFC credit cards. Just place the Carbon Fiber RFID Shield card in direct contact with your NFC Credit Card and it will be temporarily disabled from receiving / transmitting any signal. Each Carbon Fiber RFID Shield can protect 2 NFC cards (one on each side in direct contact).

Laminating Kit

A: Often you are issued a paper membership or ID card that is important to you or difficult to replace (like a CCW permit). So it is important to protect cards like this. Also, these cards are often difficult to safely use inside the DM1 Wallet since they are not rigid.

We introduced the Laminating Kit - it includes (2) clear hard plastic cards and (4) clear adhesive laminating films pre-cut to credit card size. It allows you to laminate the paper card onto the clear hard plastic card and protects it from getting bent or damaged.

A: Trim the card so there is at least a 1/8" (3 mm) margin around your paper card. Thicker cards work better with a slightly wider margin. Peel the backing paper off one of the laminating films and carefully apply the paper card to the sticky side of the film - centering it to leave even margins. Carefully align the laminating film and adhere to the plastic card. Use a coin or another card to seal the adhesive edges around your paper card to ensure good adhesion.

You can watch a YouTube tutorial here:



A: The DM1 Wallet is a patented design. We take our intellectual property very seriously. If you see a product that copies our design, please let us know so we can take appropriate action. As some of our copycats have learned, we vigorously defend our patents.

If you have a product idea that needs to license our technology, please feel free to contact us. We are open to reasonable licensing proposals.

Currently, only Magnus Industries is an official licensee.