Just added MokuTi Damascus Titanium DM1 Wallet!

July 10, 2021 1 min read

Just added MokuTi Damascus Titanium DM1 Wallet!

Over the years, we've had a few requests for this unique and exclusive material. It's been used in the custom knifemaking and hand-turned pen market for a while now, but has been nearly impossible to find in billets large enough to make a DM1 Wallet. But earlier this year, we found a forge that can do it!

Introducing the DM1 MokuTi Damascus Titanium Wallet!

We have a few pieces of the material in stock for the 8-card size - so those are available now. The 5-card and 12-card models will be made to order. Please see the product page for more details: https://decadentminimalist.com/products/dm1-MokuTi-custom

This material is hand-forged / pattern folded / forge welded from multiple alloys. Because of this ancient metal forming technique, each piece has a unique layer patter that comes through after machining and hand-torched flame anodizing. If you want to flame anodize the DM1 yourself to get your own unique color pattern, we can ship it to you prior to torching.

We will make a maximum of 21 pieces (of all sizes combined) this year - so this is a truly limited edition perfect for the discerning everyday carry (EDC) collector.