DM1 Kickstarter - Additional Products

After the Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled, we will raise our prices and start allowing pre-orders from the general public. Before this happens, we wanted to give our Kickstarter Backers the opportunity to add additional DM1 wallets, DMC money clips and laminating kits at special Kickstarter-only prices.

Please follow these steps:

  • For each ADDITIONAL product that you would like to add, select a quantity from 1 to 5 and click the correspondingAdd to cart button.  The appropriate quantity for that product will be added to your cart
  • Repeat this step for each additional product you'd like to add  
  • Once you have added all of the additional products that you want, click theNext Step button at the bottom of the page

To skip this step, just click hereto go directly to your cart.