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DMC Stainless Steel Polished Money Clip

DMC Money Clip - Stainless Steel

$ 29.00

The DMC Money Clip is the ideal cash-carrying accessory for your DM1 minimalist wallet - it is a single piece of stainless steel, laser cut into the ideal shape to positively click into place in the DM1 wallet and hold your cash, business cards or paper receipts.

The design eliminates any unnecessary parts, but securely and beautifully carries your cash. It adds less than .25" to the thickness of your DM1 and can be used docked in the DM1 or separately.

The DMC Money Clip is CNC Laser Cut and Formed from 420 Grade Stainless Steel. There are no screws, hinges, snaps, magnets, straps or rubber bands to break. If docked into the DM1 wallet, it takes the place of a single credit card.

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